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Starting a business is very exciting! Months and years of effort going into the product or service, and after launch it's quite a relief.  But if you don't know how to position your product to sell, then it's a lot of hard work down the drain.  I have worked with clients and industry leaders across all industries to help them achieve their business objectives and sales performance goals, and I'd love to help you too.

After 25 years of working in sales, sales leadership, and sales methodology, I opened my own firm, DM Sales Performance, to help small businesses effectively sell their products and services.  I offer a range of services, from sales strategy to sales process consulting, as well as sales team development and training, and sales coaching.

If you're looking for help creating your sales team from the ground up, or a business owner that needs help generating more sales, or just need a boost to what you're already doing, I'd love the opportunity to earn your business.  Send me a message or click below to schedule a meeting, and let's start the conversation.



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